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External Professionals

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Options for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and exercise professionals:

  • If you have already written your client a water based exercise program, write them a letter of introduction and send them along with their program to use this facility to perform their own exercises. We ask clients to ring to make an initial appointment so one of our administrative staff can assist them to complete paperwork and show you through the centre’s facilities.
  • Contact us to arrange a time to attend with your own client to either treat them or teach them a water based program. This can be a regular time or occasional sessions.
  • Send your client along for an aquatic fitness program for health, well-being, weight loss, stress management & cross training etc.
  • Refer your client to one of the on-site physiotherapists who will happily work with you to provide the aquatic component of their management plan.
  • Feel free to contact us to discuss the best option for you and your client.

Our Deep Water Therapy Pool has much to offer and to encourage you we are offering physiotherapists and appropriately trainer exercise professionals 2 free pool passes, which means the first 2 times you attend with individual clients you need not pay a pool entry fee.

Come and use our deep water hydrotherapy pool

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