Frequently asked questions

do i need a referral to see a physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist?

If you are paying privately for your appointment then you don’t need a referral; if a third party is paying e.g Medicare, DVA or an insurance company, then you must present us with a GP referral.

can i claim any of my treatment under medicare?

Patients who have a chronic medical condition that has been or is likely to be present for 6 months or longer may be entitled to an Enhanced Primary Care Program through Medicare. The EPC Program entitles you to a maximum of 5 bulk billed visits with a Physio or Exercise Physiologist per calendar year. If you believe you are eligible for this rebate you need to discuss it further with your GP.

can i claim using my private health insurance?

Yes, you can claim on the spot using your private health insurance. The amount your insurance company pays is dependent on your individual policy. If your provider does not cover the entire consultation cost you will need to cover the gap. If you are with BUPA you will be happy to know that we are a preferred BUPA Provider meaning physiotherapy consultations are at a discounted cost. 

Please note you must have your physical health fund card to be able to claim in the practice, otherwise the full consultation cost must be paid and an invoice will be provided.

do you provide treatment for workers compensation and ctp?

Yes we do provide treatment for Workers Compensation and CTP. You must have a current claim number, a referral from your GP and approval from your insurance company to commence treatment.

are you ndis registered?

Yes we are a NDIS registered business. If you are Plan Managed, we do require your plan manager’s details and current funding to plan a service agreement. If you are self-managed we can issue a tax invoice for your to claim the cost of your treatment.

Further information can be found here.

what is the cost?

Consultation costs vary depending on whether it is for Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology. Please contact the practice on 4721 1222 to enquire.

We are a BUPA preferred provider, please let reception know when enquiring about prices.

can i use your hydrotherapy pool or gym if i am not a patient?

Due to being a private practice we do require all of our patrons to have an assessment before using our hydrotherapy pool or gym.

If you have been attending another hydrotherapy pool or rehabilitation gym and have an existing program please let reception know when making an appointment for an initial assessment.

is your hydrotherapy pool accessible for other providers to use?

If you are a therapist and have a patient who you would like to start hydrottherapy you are welcome to access our facility. You must create your own program for your patient and contact the practice prior to using our hydrotherapy pool.

is your facility accessible to people with disability?

Our practice is all one level making it accessible to people with wheelchairs and difficulty with walking. We have a chair lift for easy access into the pool.

However our showers in the bathrooms do have a step which may make them difficult to access.

do i need to be a patient to attend one of your classes?

No you do not need to be a patient to be able to attend one of our classes. We do require bookings to be made so please inform reception if you have never attended our practice before.

You can find more information about our classes here.

do you have a cancellation policy?

Our staff often have waiting lists of patients who would like to access our services. We ask that you value our services and provide us with at least 24 hours notice prior to not attending. By doing this, we can contact our waiting list and use this time to provide our services.


  • All patients will recieve a reminder text message the day before your appointment – it is required that you reply to this is if you will be attending or not
  • A cancellation fee of $50 will apply if you cancel on the day of your appointment
  • A full constultation fee will be charged with failure to inform us of cancellation and not attending your appointment
  • If you are running more than 15 minutes late you will have to re-schedule your appointment

do you provide casting services?

We can provide casting services including removal. Please contact the practice in regards to pricing.




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