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Here at Everybody Physiotherapy we believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy living lifestyle. If you’re ready to take action and lose weight you can book in for an assessment with one of our expert physiotherapists & exercise physiologists to discuss the best way to get you back in shape. Physiotherapy is a combination of exercise, massage, manipulation and adapted equipment mostly for injuries and movement disorders. However when you combine physiotherapy exercises with a healthy diet and other activities you can lose weight. We also have an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Erin on staff that can help you with your weight loss needs, visit our exercise physiology page for more information.


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Francine’s Story

12 months ago I found myself at a weightloss retreat, and even though I spent 8 weeks prior to going on the retreat with a personal trainer making sure my body was ready for exercise, I returned home after 5 weeks, 13kgs lighter but with a damaged body.

The lack of professional staff and the intense pressure to be lighter on those scales each week pushed my body beyond it’s 52 years, 5 children, 1 back surgery, menopausal state. Ironically, most days I was running a first aid station back in my apartment trying to help women stretch, giving them massages, heat packs, ice or taking them or myself to a local physio for treatment. I even gave out flotation vests so people could water run rather than having a trainer push them on a treadmill while increasing the incline button screaming ‘come on you can do it’ (totally inappropriate for an extremely overweight person) One lady had to cut her retreat short 2 weeks because her knees blew up and she could hardly walk and I now have a 14cm tear in my right shoulder along with other problems. The list of injuries and inappropriate exercises was ridiculous.

An overwhelming rage like passion has been burning in me since. I kept saying “People deserve to be able to exercise WELL and to loose weight WELL, they pay a fortune to go to these places!” Yes, some people do go to these retreats and not have problems but my concern is for those pre-existing injuries or conditions, where it is totally inappropriate. The trainers were so unqualified and people were pushed beyond what is sensible. What they need is individual assessments and personalized programs designed for their needs and circumstances. I knew we could do it so much better and I began to see that our facility is a place for people to come and exercise in a safe environment. All I have to do is add the expertise of a Dietitian and Psychologist to what already exists and we have the perfect solution. I am so excited to see my dream for this facility birthed and with compassion and understanding for those going through the same journey as me has enabled me to find a solution. I just have to make it happen.

“People deserve to be able to exercise WELL and to lose weight WELL!”

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