Pregnancy Physiotherapy


Here at Everybody Physiotherapy in Penrith we provide assessment and management of musculoskeletal issues commonly associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding and joyful times in a woman’s life. However, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable and painful times as well. Pregnancy physiotherapy is based on knowledge, but also requires understanding and compassion to expecting mothers. As a mother of 4, our senior Physiotherapist Jenny has firsthand experience of the difficulties that may arise with pregnancy and labour/birth. Not only can she provide you with physiotherapy assessment and management, but also personal understanding and empathy for what expecting mothers have to overcome to give birth to their beautiful baby.

We commonly see a range of conditions associated with pregnancy:

    • Lower back pain
    • Buttock pain
    • Pelvic and pubic pain
    • Groin pain
    • Upper back and neck pain
    • Pain and tingling in the hands
    • Pelvic floor issues

During and after childbirth there are changes to muscles, ligaments and joints that affect your whole body. Our physiotherapists help women to manage these changes.

In addition to our physios providing hands on treatment, we can also provide you with strategies to continue to manage your pain at home. In addition to treatment we can provide education on a number of areas of interest with pregnancy and birth.

These areas include:

    • Effect of pregnancy on the body
    • Impact of pregnancy on pelvic floor
    • Pain management strategies
    • Active labour positioning
    • Natural pain management during labour
    • Post-natal preparation- pelvic floor, bowel/bladder, pain prevention, return to sport
    • Antenatal and postnatal exercise
  • Clinical Pilates

    Our Clinical Pilates Classes are run by our senior physiotherapist Jenny.

    The pilates classes can help you discover and strengthen your pelvic floor and deep pelvic muscles. Our class numbers are kept small so that our therapist can see each of you individually to see how you are progressing and adjust the program for you.  

    We have a Hydrotherapy Pool on-site for private and group aqua aerobics classes.

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